Other Exemptions


Our office will accept exemption applications for the 2025 Tax Year until March 1, 2025. Applications submitted from March 2, 2024 through March 1, 2025 will be for the 2025 Tax Year.

You must be receiving the Homestead exemption in order to apply for the exemptions listed below.  To apply for the Homestead exemption, please see Taxes & Exemption section, Homestead Exemption.

Veteran's Affairs website www.va.gov
Veteran's Affairs phone number 1-800-827-1000 (Request St. Petersburg Regional Office.)

This exemption is available to any Widow/Widower who owns property in Hernando County and is a permanent resident of the State of Florida. If the recipient of this exemption remarries, they are no longer entitled to this benefit. The applicant must have been legally married to the deceased at the time of their death. An application must be filed for this exemption and a copy of the Death Certificate must also be submitted.  Click here for the form letter.  You may apply in person or by mail.


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