Agricultural Property


Guidelines For Pasture Land

  • Should be a minimum of 10 acres in size or used in conjunction with other parcels of the same owner

  • Property must be fenced

  • An indication has been made to maintain and care sufficiently and adequately for this type of use, e.g. fertilizing, liming, mowing, etc.

  • The ratio of livestock to acreage size and soil capability are factors which are considered in granting the classification. For example, one cow on a one acre parcel cannot be considered as a bona fide commercial operation, while 50 cows on 100 acres could be. Production of livestock for your own use does not qualify.

  • If the property is leased, it must first meet the minimum size requirements on its own, and must be in effect prior to January 1st. A copy of the lease must be on file with the Property Appraiser's Office.


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